Queen Of Indian Celluloid Dreams – #Sridevi

“Sridevi succumbs to Cardiac Arrest.” – The twitter update grabs me as I sat in my living room in New York and I start to check for more news. Updates on ndtv.com, cnn.com, bbcnews , AAJ Tak, ndtv.com…news channels I hadn’t even heard of were confirming the reports of her death.

I felt my eyes well up. It was strange. To feel sad for a celluloid actress. But she was never just an actress. Indians worldwide mourn the loss of the queen of Indian cinema. Celebrities, Polticians, Sports Professionals, Musicians, Healthcare Professionals, Tea Vendors, Street urchins, Vegetable vendors…everyones eyes felt wet at having lost an entertainer who made us laugh with her antics , be it when she mimicked Charlie Chaplin or cry with her soul stirring depictions of women in unfortunate situations.

Even as reports of streets spilling with people to pay tribute to her trend on social media, I am reminded of the powerful medium of Cinema. And how she had mastered the art of bringing alive emotions in the hearts of moviegoers. When Sridevi cried, the audience cried with her. When she laughed , we laughed with her and forgot the bad grades, the scolding of parents and every trouble in the world. Her dances brought us alive and everyone danced to her songs , mimicking her. Just the other day I was dancing to her song, Hawa Hawai and copying her moves and facial expressions. She united everyone by her power of arousing happiness in doubt stricken and troubled Indians who forgot the mundane and the miserable when they watched her antics and her dances. She conquered everyone. The Queen of Hearts. A beacon of Indian Cinema whose presence lit up not only the cameras that captured her but the hearts and minds of everyone who watched her . Truly, the world feels a little dim after her light and life has been extinguished . Our Goddess. Our Devi. Sridevi. Forever, you will be remembered.

You can watch some of her movies on AMAZON Prime





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