Words Of Wisdom

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“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad”- Henry Longfellow


Beside the still waters, let our souls find refreshing. In quiet meditation let our minds be renewed. For, out of much concourse in the world, there comes a fatigue of body which sleep alone cannot relieve. Out of solitude is born serenity and out of serenity is born the vitality to meet the demands of life in every area of experience”- Progress of Another Pilgrim

Before wanting to take care of others, one must first be able to love oneself. Loving oneself is not based on a sense of personal debt for which one is accountable to oneself but simply on the fact that by nature we all strive to be happy and not suffer. It is only after accepting this benevolence toward oneself that it is possible to extend it to all others.( Summarized and adapted from Les voies spirituelles du bonheur, The compassionate Life)

You are still young. Free. Do yourself a favor. Before it’s too late, without thinking too much about it first, pack a pillow and a blanket and see as much of the world as you can. You will not regret it. One day it will be too late.”

The Namesake.

“Rightly conceived, time is the friend of all who are in any way in adversity, for its mazy road winds in and out of the shadows sooner or later into sunshine, and when one is at its darkest point one can be certain that presently it will grow brighter”
Lake Newnan, Gainesville, Florida,Summer 2010

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  1. Theresa Thekkudan says:

    It’s always a pleasure to read & see your creations. Keep up the good work.


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