A letter from a Sister to her Brother


I still remember the day I drove from Gainesville to visit you, mom and dad. I drove first to see you at your workplace. You were hard at work in the store. You diligently passed every article to the customer, your heart and soul in every gesture. The indifferent customers would take the objects from you and when they saw your enthusiastic and cheerful face, their indifference would crack and a smile would shine through.
Your sincerity, loyalty and sense of purpose at your workplace filled me with great pride and I prayed that you would find a place that would help you nurture your talents and bring fame, happiness and recognition. What followed was a flurry of activities, applications sent out, essays written, running to colleges to meet deadlines and requirements and finally you were admitted into the University Of Miami,College of Nursing. I prayed that you would get through the program because I knew how tough it was. Also, I knew it was even more harder because you were supporting yourself. Every semester, I heard your anecdotes about college and I loved and lived through it. Your loyalty to your family and sense of responsibilty was exemplary as you visited mom and dad every weekend to make sure they were ok and tended to their needs while Sonia and I moved away, all this while studying diligently, waking up at 4am everyday .You have always been their for your sisters, emotionally supporting us through good times and bad times. Today, as you celebrate your success, I wish you success in every venture you undertake, love from those whom you work for, who you work with and who work for you, affection, encouragement , happiness and gratitude from family and friends and a fulfilling career where you will be joyous and prosperous.

‘Try not to become a man of success, bur rather become a man of value ‘-Albert Einstein

You are ofcourse a man of value, no doubt. You are much loved and your day of joy is shared. May God bless you abundantly my brother, Mathew Roy, RN

Ofcourse , Now you are Mathew Roy, MSN, ARNP, FNP- BC

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